My art licensing Life & Pitch your portfolio

(Keep reading to see how you can get a FREE copy of ‘Jumpstart Your Art Licensing’ Companies Directory. You can start pitching your work to companies straight away!)

My life changed when I took Shannon McNab’s Pitch Your Portfolio. Before taking this course, my work was disorganised. I’d send a random email to a company and a week later, send another email to a different company. I rarely contacted the same company twice. My art licensing career was stuck in limbo.

After taking the course and implementing Shannon’s methods –

– I have contacted over 100 companies multiple times,

– I regularly submit my work for art callouts,

– I’ve licensed & sold my work to various companies and product categories.

I am also regularly in contact with art directors who want to see my art. Art licensing is as much about nurturing relationships with art directors and to show them that you are in it for the long haul.

I have become super-organised. All my art is presented on lovely sell-sheets and is catalogued in a database. I have a submission schedule that is oh-so-satisfying when the status is marked as ‘submitted’:


What is also rewarding is marking your work as ‘sold‘ or ‘licensed‘. The wonderful thing about cataloguing your work in a database is you know exactly what art is available at a glance.
Everything that you do in this course will save time, both now and in the long run. You may only have a handful of art pieces now, but as time goes on, your catalogue grows.



Art Licensing is a numbers game and you sometimes have to contact a company multiple times, in order to get your work licensed.

With Pitch Your Portfolio, you create a system that makes this process as easy as pie.

Do you have any concerns?

  • I know there are multiple courses out there promising this and that. I’ve taken so many, I know! I have to say that this course is so logical and practical and you can implement the advice straight away.
  • If you are worried about the price – do you know if you license one art piece, you make the money back? It’s always a pleasure to celebrate the licensing deals of students in the Pitch Your Portfolio Facebook group.
  • Send me a mail if you have any questions (

Once a year Shannon runs her highly successful course and as a past student, I cannot recommend this course enough. In fact I was recommending this course, before I ever became an affiliate – that’s how much I believe in it.

The course starts on April 4th 2023. If you sign up now to be on the waiting list, Shannon is giving away a special BONUS!


If you sign up for Pitch Your Portfolio using my link, you will get a FREE copy of ‘Jumpstart Your Art Licensing’ Companies Directory. So straight away you can start pitching your work to companies! Check out the guide here to see what it’s all about.

In order to get the FREE Jumpstart Your Art Licensing Companies Guide you MUST use my affiliate link to purchase the course (please use the same browser and/or device to complete the transaction. Using a different browser or device from what you originally used to click your affiliate link to complete the transaction, will not work).

I hope to see you in the Pitch Your Portfolio Facebook group, celebrating your licensing deals!


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