The Poetry of Tea


This was created for the Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search contest for 2016. The brief was to design a teacup, saucer and napkin in our own style.

I love the aura around tea-drinking. Compared to coffee it has this old-world, quirky, laidback feeling. There is a refined art to making a cup of tea. It must never be rushed, not like our modern, coffee-to-go, hurried culture. I wanted to express this idea and found a wonderful quote, ‘There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea’, which captured the mood perfectly.

The girl character is an eccentric lady who collects quirky cups. The cup interior reminds me of reading tea-leaves and the magic feeling of predicting fortunes with all those lovely symbols that tell your future!


I created two pocket mirrors for my lifestyle brand Dreaming on a Star, inspired by this illustration.



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