Wall Art available in Walmart & Wayfair!

Hi everyone. Last year I signed a licensing deal for six of my illustrations to be made into wall art. I am excited to say that they are now available in Walmart and Wayfair.

‘Princess Lia & Cherry the Unicorn’ (below) was created during the lockdown of 2020. The princess was drawn for an art challenge and I had drawn the unicorn for something else. One day I was fiddling with some half-finished flower drawings and decided to put all the elements together into one scene. I showed the characters to my niece Méabh over a Zoom ‘playdate’, she loved them and she named them for me!

These three fabulous girls below were drawn for another art challenge. They were created separately but I love how well they vibe together. The first, ‘Travel Dreams Girl’ dreams of escaping and seeing the world. She was also created during the 2020 lockdown when traveling was a distant dream for us all.

‘Shine Girl’ is just a girl who wants to shine her inner glorious light! At the time I created a few girls and combined them with hand-lettering.

And ‘Hollywood Girl’ (right) is a fashionista who loves posing and believes she’s a star! I am a big fan of stars (the twinkly kind) and stars are a regular motif in my work!

These two illustrations below were created from two separate classes by Victoria JohnsonCreate Christmas and Explore Florals.

‘Moon & Sun’ (below) was originally created as a pattern in an indigo colour scheme but I extracted two of the icons to make a placement and refreshed it with an on-trend colour. (I’m not sure why I hadn’t drawn flowers for this Explore Florals assignment – I think I might have gone off on a tangent when I was drawing icons!)

Finally ‘Warm Winter Wishes’ (below) was created for Victoria’s Create Christmas course. I’ve taken all of Victoria’s courses. She’s a fabulous teacher who knows how to bring out the best in her students. The theme for this illustration was a tropical Christmas. I created this illustration several years ago but I’ve always been very fond of it and I’m glad it’s found a home on some festive wall art!

(To Shop – Click the images above. Wall art is available in several sizes. I got samples of two of the pictures on stretched canvas and I was delighted with the quality. Click HERE to see a video of the samples.)

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