Ditsy Florals

Ditsy Flowers Pattern by Tina Devins

This ditsy pattern was created for Victoria Johnson’s Explore Florals course. I really loved drawing the tiny, pretty florals. I secretly added some little butterflies in too – can you spot them? It was a wonderful challenge to use a minimal colour scheme.

I have a special fondness for ditsies. When I was young I spent a week in hospital with a mystery illness. My parents were worried sick of course, but it was a great adventure for me! I made lots of new friends and I got some lovely gifts for being sick. One of the gifts was a pretty little washbag with a lovely ditsy pattern on it. I used that washbag for years and it eventually became a bag for my dolls clothes.
I also had a lovely, pink bedsheet covered in ditsy flowers as a child.
Now whenever I think of ditsy patterns, I think of my childhood and that lovely, innocent, magical time. And ditsies have that lovely innocent quality – pretty and understated.

Ditsy Flowers Pattern by Tina Devins

Here is an alternative colour-scheme which looks a bit more grown-up.
Ditsy Flowers Pattern by Tina Devins

Ditsy Flowers Pattern by Tina Devins

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